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Orli Rubin, Ramat Hasharon

I needed to learn how to clean my smartphone from unnecessary files. Debbie very patiently explained to me 'technologically-challenged' that I am, where to find the pits, where things are hidden that are unnecessary. We discovered, for example, that my WhatsApp hadn't backed-up for months, due to my phone being so full!. We cleared photos, apps, documents and set rules for going forward. I feel like I got a taste of a whole world of knowledge that is important for each of us to know so that we can preserve and find important documents and photos. Thank you Debbie

April 2023

Haim, Sharon area

Hן Debbie,
I would love for other people to get help from you thanks to my recommendation. 

Do you know what is amazing about your "help"?
You gave me the confidence to take "responsibility" for my life, and no longer allow fate and luck to rule my life.  

I learned that proper management is the basis for self-management on all levels: both financial and "emotional".
Would you believe that I easily log into my bank account every day, and check the latest transactions?
Would you believe that I am starting to remember by heart the expenses and income every day of the month?
I am now managing my affairs in a breezy and flowing manner. For the first time in my life, thanks to you, I am able to regularly monitor income and expenses, and I was finally able to prepare a forecast for six months in advance.
Every difficulty becomes a "challenge", and financial matters for me were a kind of "crime", because money was likened to the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but now I find myself deciding what to do with the money, and the money doesn't decide what to do with me...
Thanks to you, I manage to read financial documents from beginning to end, and overcome the attention and concentration disorders that have been my lot for the past decades.
Thanks to the meetings with you, I understood things that I never understood: financial balance is the basis for mental balance, is the basis for spiritual balance.

The amazing thing is that I feel "happy with my lot", i.e. "rich".
From the moment I took responsibility for the household finances, the relationship with my wife and children improved. I suddenly "allow" things that I probably didn't allow before. My messages became clear and not double messages.
I communicate better with people because I have become matter-of-fact and efficient and unapologetic. I stopped explaining and started doing, reacting immediately and not avoiding. I even started, mercifully, to love dealing with finances! From a nightmare it became an enjoyable challenge.
I learned to market myself better. I do the same things, but with better results.
I think that those who help people, ultimately help themselves, because we get reactions to the energies we create. 

Positive thinking just works, and believing that positive thinking works - works even better. It's an amazing feeling to be in control. I want to thank you very much again. My mother also thanks you and feels that you also saved her from the loss of funds.

 Thank you so much for everything, 


January 2014

Sharon, Lehavim

One day and after many postponements, I realized that I had to get my insurance and savings in order. Understand what is happening and where in my financial life. After years of moving from job to job, where in each differnt funds were opened in my name, I had trouble keeping track of what money is in my name and where. Am I missing important insurances? Am I insured twice for the same thing and am just paying unnecessary money? Can I reduce the cost of the various policiea? And what happens with my partner? The papers piled up and with them the confusion.

After trying (really trying!) to cope alone, I realized that I needed professional help.
I turned to Debbie Katzav, and handed her my papers.

From the very beginning I understood that we (me and my husband) were in good hands. Debbie showed a deep understanding of our household's needs, knew how to look ahead to the retirement years that will come someday (how convenient to ignore them!), and was not intimidated by the amount of paperwork and mess. In a process that lasted a few weeks, Debbie explained our financial situation to us in an orderly manner, explained what funds are and where, what our pension forecast is, how to read the reports and what should be changed.

At the end of the process, we were left with a much better understanding of our financial situation, with an organized folder, with an organized to-do list and with the knowledge and ability to continue to take care of our own affairs. Even after a year, Debbie continues to follow up with us, take an interest, advise and help when needed.

I highly recommend using Debbie's services to anyone who understands how important the financial aspect is in life and needs a little push and help to handle things optimally. Debbie will do this pleasantly, professionally, efficiently and discreetly.

Warmly recommended!

June 2016

Asi Cohen, TieTech Computer Solutions

I met Debbie a few years ago when my wife and I were looking for someone  to help us with management of our home finances.
Debbie put our accounts in order and taught us how to manage the everything properly.

After a while I realized that I needed Debbie in my business and decided to hire her services.

As a business owner who hates dealing with paperwork and Excels, Debbie keeps track of my expenses and income
She alerts me to about unusual things happening in my accounts. 

 Needless to say, without her there is no way I would have found these things.

I believe that everyone should do what they are good at and therefore I deal with the business itself as I know best and Debbie deals with the financial matters.

I have no doubt that without her I would be in complete chaos financially.

I highly recommend any business owner to hire her services. She is professional, helpful and knows exactly what she is doing.


Best regards

Asi Cohen

TieTech Computer Solutions

April 2019

Galit & Nir, Emek Hefer

Dear Debbie,

Over the past two years, my wife and I have repeatedly come to the conclusion that "something needs to be done", there is no other choice - we must change our habits, our lifestyle and our being and start taking responsibility for our financial situation at the level of  planning and controlling our expenses in accordance with the income situation.
As happened many times, we first tried to keep a close watch on our expenses so that we could study them and be aware of them, but to no avail - each time we surrendered to our nature, call it laziness or the very Israeli "it will be OK" syndrome. We justified the lack of action with clichés such as "you only live once" and "you have to enjoy every moment" and we also convinced ourselves that we do not live a wasteful lifestyle but really spend only on what is necessary like any average family with three children.
In practice, our financial situation deteriorated, the deficit in the bank grew and we entered into a spiral of taking out loans in order to close the deficit in a cycle that repeated itself and was practically useless - the deficit continued to grow.
Only after you entered our lives - energetic, imbued with faith and enthusiasm, sticking to the goal without letting go, a true professional, with extensive and comprehensive knowledge in the financial field on all its levels - only then, suddenly it happened, were we able to internalize and accept our real situation for the first time. Suddenly everything became bright and clear, not only our sad situation and the impasse in which we find ourselves in the present, but also the ability to understand what our lives and the lives of our daughters will look like in the future as of today. ;                        ;                    
This clear picture hit us and we realized for the first time that in order to be able to truly fulfill our dreams and live comfortably, now and in the future - because you really only live once - you need to know how to utilize your financial resources by proper and controlled planning of daily expenses as well as correct estimates of future income (who thinks about retirement when they are only 40 years old, who really checks what are the terms of his life insurance policy and what is the amount of compensation he will receive from the company he works for...?) and assessments for future risks that may harm the ability to earn, an injury that may severely affect all family members.
What happened is that we started living according to a fixed and defined budget after making an efficiency plan (yes, just like a small business..) while monitoring and controlling weekly that there are no exceptions, until we reached a situation where we control the expenses and they are not the ones that control us - transparency that gives strength and security when you understand where does the money goes.
In practice, we were able to erase the deficit and balance ourselves financially, and after about six months of stability, we even started putting money aside (who would have believed??), and opened a savings plan with the help of which, we hope, we will be able to realize dreams and ambitions such as being able to help our daughters' to finance their tertiary education.
It's simply amazing what a change you made in our lives and to where we were able to get thanks to the tools you gave us (mental and financial!!).
So we wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you much success in your blessed professional path. At any stage of life, surely in such a period of struggle for social justice and a world in an economic state of collapse, many more families like us shoule get your help and gain a significant change in their lives, a change that is essential to continue a good and calm life with a smile.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

October 2011

H. , Hod Hasharon

I want to thank you for the amazing process we went through together. Before I chose you - I hesitated and checked - but after our first conversation - I realized that you are the best.

For me, you were a coach in so many areas besides the finances - what a bonus.

You are a champ, a professional and your tips are amazing.

You accompanied me through a difficult time and gave me the strength to gather myself and take action.

Looking forward to continue to implement your teachings in my daily life.

I wish you and your family a happy holiday,

And hopefully more people will get to go through such successful processes with you.

April 2014

a few of my corporate clients

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