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Personal Finances Management

Personal sessions in which I teach how to manage one's personal finances: building & managing a budget, and/or understanding & organizing insurance policies, funds, savings.
With this service I also aim to give you clarity re banking, savings, loans, your rights etc.
You can enjoy my financial guidance through one of my various services, designed to suit people's varying needs & personalities.

It's possible to combine services, or start with one and then switch to a different one.
For instance - start with VIP Budget Analysis and then move over to DIY Budgeting or Policies Analysis & Understanding.

Price: I customize the price for each client, according to his/her particular parameters, the complexity of the case, and expected intensity of the required "hand-holding".

Options for Personal Finances  Management with me

I have a small question, I just need someone to help me think
For getting quick responses to ad-hoc dilemmas 

One off consultation

In a few meetings (sometimes even 1 will be sufficient) I help you put your data in order, so that you can take calculated decisions re a specific dilemma you wish to resolve e.g. buying a home, readiness for divorce etc (Price for 1 hour meeting: 500 NIS).

I must organize my accounts!

Budget Management

There are a few different methods of on-going accounts management, and finding the one which will work for you is critical. But before examining the methods, you need to decide that you really want to start properly managing them. If you are "there" – I'd be very happy to teach you and accompany you, using my method. So now, all you need do is choose the suitable service from the following 3:

I'm not sure what I have for "tomorrow"

If the future is a concern, then it's time to organize your policies 

Policies analysis & understanding

This service suits you if you feel uneasy due to:

  • a mess in your policies 

  • not understanding what you have, what is missing or what you have too much of and what you are paying a lot of money every month for

  • not knowing what you will have in case of death or loss of earning capacity and what needs to be done to improve the situation 

מסלולים שונים

Personal Budget Management Services

Stressed Man

CFO Services

Small business owner – prefer receiving personalized reports, conclusions and TODO's?

Suitable for entrepreneurs who want and need to know their exact and detailed monthly expenses and income. Mainly for those whose personal and business expenses are a little mixed up.

 Read More….

דבי ייעוץ אישי

VIP Budget Management

Prefer having someone crunch the numbers? Excel is not your favourite?

This is the service is for you

Suits those who wish to get to "the bottom line" quickly (analysis, recommendations), without going themselves through the "sweat-work" of building the budget.

Couple with Baby

DIY Budget Management

Like learning & taking charge? Excel and Apps are your friends?

This popular service is for you

This service best suits those who want to learn from an expert, how to build and manage their budget (and continue doing it on their own), in a correct and smart way, and wish to get a professional viewpoint of each of their budget elements.


I feel like I got a taste of a whole world of knowledge that is important for each of us to know so that we can preserve and find important documents and photos. Thank you Debbie

Orli Rubin, Ramat Hasharon

Without Debbie, I’d be in complete financial chaos

Asi Cohen, TieTech Computer Solutions

Thanks to you I’m able to read (financial) documents from beginning to end

Haim, Sharon area

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