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"Where Was I When": Off-Topic Episode (74) re the Oct 2023 war in Israel

In view of the brutal and unfathomable terrorist attack against Israel and the war that broke out in its wake, which affects the whole world and especially Israelis and Jews living outside of Israel, we decided to spontaneously record this pod/videocast (a complete off-topic episode, unrelated to the subjects of our business podcasts).

In it, we aired the feelings, thoughts and what daily life looks like these days, from the standpoint of two women, mothers, Israelis, small business owners, one in Israel and one in Britain.

We also spoke about the need/urge to donate and help from the home front as much as possible while maintaining personal balance, and where were we when we realized the war broke out.

We felt a need to document what all of us Israelis are experiencing these days after the horrific terrorist attacks on 7.10.23 and share the result on our respective platforms.

We hope that this podcast will throw a tiny light and maybe enlighten some of you.

In order to allow as many people as possible to comprehend this, we recorded the episode in English and as a Videocast (our podcasts are usually in Hebrew and audio only).

Due to the circumstances, this item did not undergo any sound editing (as they usually do).

Sending reinforcements condolences and love,

Debbie Katzav and Sharon Golan

Here are links to the influencers we mentioned who do amazing civil advocacy and explanations about the war:

Quick links to the most popular podacst platforms:


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