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Personal Information Organization & Management
The  Lecture

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The amount of important personal information in our lives is huge:

  • finances - bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, investments 

  • health - test results, medical summaries & expenses

  • employment -  salary slips, contracts, recommendation letters, resumes)

  • household bills and subscriptions

  • passwords

  • children and education - reports, grades, assignments, extra murals, hobbies

  • photos & videos

  • important documents - wills, passports, birth certificates etc

  • contacts' details

  • Nostalgia - memorabilia, trips, holidays


Most people keep this info in disarray, scattered between their email, on their smartphone , in various apps, in computer files, and/or in hard copy. A lot of it gets discarded either by mistake or because we think we will remember it (we don't).​

When every piece of information, file, photo are organized and well-managed and easy to find, the laptop and phone backed up and the physical papers are minimal - we gain so much peace of mind.
Just like we do when our house is tidy and clean.

And we also save time. And Money! And are able to make better decisions too.

From this lecture - which I LOVE to give, you will learn:

  • What is information management and why info should be managed

  • What is the correct amount of management

  • Which tools I recommend using for PIM

  • The correct process for a PIM project

  • How to implement all of this in your private life as well as business/work

  • About real-life cases I came across

  • The tricks of big tech companies, which are bad for PIM (and for our wallets!)

  • Cool Gmail, calendar and WhatsApp hacks relating to PIM


Length: 1.5 hours + another half hour for Q&A.

Zoom or Frontal.

Ep 27 in the Podcasts - the connection between Organization & Money (in Hebrew)

Click to Listen

For further details and/or booking a lecture - please email or send me a WhatsApp message

Storage & Backup - Folder Planning - What Info to keep & what to delete - Where & How to File -
Naming Conventions - Scanning - Apps & programs for PIM - Data Transfer between PC & Phone -
Info Management re specific subjects

It's more than Order.
It's more than Organization.
It's Management

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